Instagram-Inspired Valentines

How cute are these IG-inspired Valentines Day Cards I whipped up for the little’s school party?!

So, so cute, RIGHT?!  And, I’m sharing the FREE download, too!

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Window Panel Trim Tutorial

Adding a custom touch to any store bought window panels is as easy as heading to your local craft store.  I couldn’t find drapes that coordinated well enough with my nursery bedding.  I wanted navy panels but felt that I needed to tie in some white to make them pop.  And, since I couldn’t find them anywhere, I decided to make them.



I ordered 84″ grommet top panels from JCPenney and purchased two bolts of 1.5″ wide trim from JoAnn Fabric.


Simply cut the trim the length and width of each panel.  (You’ll have 4 separate pieces per panel.)



Cut each corner at an angle so they’ll be ‘mitered’ – a much cleaner look than butting them straight on.


photo 5


Using Fabric Glue, adhere each strip separately and secure with straight pins until dry.

To achieve a balloon effect as I did, slip a rubber band onto the end of each panel and shimmy it up to the desired height.  Blouse the top layer of fabric to cover the band.  Tap a small finishing nail in the wall at the edge of the window casings, driving them in at an agle.  Loop the rubber bands over the nails to hang.


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Chevron Wooden Hanging Letter

To make the large chevron ‘C’, you’ll need: 

Wrapping Paper or Cardstock

Wooden, Chipboard or Paper Mache Letter

Mod Podge

Coordinating Paint

Foam Brush



Exacto Knife

make sure you trace your letter wrong side up on the back of the paper
make sure you trace your letter wrong side up on the back of the paper

Cut the paper down to size.  Flip your paper over to right side down.  Place your letter on the paper, right side down.  Trace around the letter and cut it out.  Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the right side of the letter- working in small sections at a time, it dries pretty quick.

Wooden 'C' 2

If you find that you have any over hang, turn your letter over and using your exacto knife, trim around the letter to clean it up.  I suggest putting down a cutting mat beforehand!

Wooden 'C' 3

I chose to finish mine off by painting around the raw edge of the wood and distressing the edges of the paper.  If you choose not to distress the paper, you will want to paint the wooden edges before gluing on the paper.

Wooden 'C' 4



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A Baby’s First (Pantone) Christmas

It was December 1st and I didn’t have a single Christmas decor item even pulled from the attic yet.  In year’s past, our house would be frosted from head to toe in silver and white sparkling glory by well before now.  This year… not so much.  I unrealistically thought that I would be creating this dreamy winter wonderland for my little nugget’s first Christmas- making it a truly amazing experience (ok, more for me than him at this point, but whatever).  In reality, all I’ve had time to do is take care of baby, hubby and every few days, do something to myself!  

Honestly, I cringe at the thought of dragging our 9ft (non pre-lit, by the way) monster out of the attic this year, along with the 300+ ornaments and decorations.  But how could I not have a tree for baby’s first?!  What a tragedy that would be!  On the other hand… when I think of decorating a mini 4.5ft fur for our main man, I found myself giddy with excitement.  Four + a half feet… I can surely manage that!

After talking it over with the little Mr., we collectively decided that in order to do this right, his first tree must match his room.  And by match, I mean match perfectly!  Pantone perfectly!  Oh, and he insisted on using his initial for an overall theme.  He’s always full of great ideas 😉

So, off to Hobby Lobby + Michaels I go- on Black Friday of all days!  EEK- what was I thinking?!?

His room is various shades of gray (ha!), navy blue and creamy white.  However, I found that the task of tracking down ornaments in navy or gray is nearly impossible.  Figures!  Ok, on to Plan B…

Pantone colors from his nursery

Since I was forced to make my own bulbs, I took off for the paint aisle.  (I remember seeing a tutorial on Pinterest a few years ago- looked simple enough.)  I grabbed coordinating acrylic paints, clear bulbs and matching bakers twine to use as hangers- instead of those ho-hum metal hooks.  Tutorial coming up…

Christmas Bulb DIY Collage 2

Clear Bulbs + Paint – Michaels

I also found some cute, flat bulbs that I filled with leftover bakers twine and adorable ‘C’ ribbon!


Bakers Twine filled flat ornament- both from Hobby Lobby

Craft paper cutouts - Hobby Lobby

Craft paper cutouts – Hobby Lobby

Picking up some coordinating cardstock in silvers, grays, navys and patterns made for an easy DIY garland. 

Cardstock + Bakers Twine - Hobby Lobby 2 1/2in Punch - Michaels

Cardstock + Bakers Twine – Hobby Lobby
2 1/2in Punch – Michaels

I created simple chipboard letters with leftover cardstock and hung direclty on the branches.

Chipboard Letter Ornament Collage 2

We carried the initial theme throughout the tree so naturally it needed a big ‘C’ to top it off right!  

Paper Mache Letter - Hobby Lobby Buttons - JoAnn Fabric

Paper Mache Letter – Hobby Lobby
Buttons – JoAnn Fabric

To finish it the whole thing off, I used a galvanized bucket instead of a tree skirt.  The metal matches several of the finishings throughout the nursery and I think it adds a touch of industrial pizazz!




What nontraditional tree themes have you come up with?!  signature lips