Seasonal Scapes 2016 | Spring

Hey ya’ll! I’ve teamed up with my sweet friend, Lauren of Lauren Nicole Designs, and a whole gaggle of other fun blogger pals for LND’s Seasonal Scapes Challenge 2016!

We’re kicking off Week 1 with the theme of bringing Spring into our homes. I love brightening up my spaces with color, fresh flowers and sunshine so I’m so excited to share a quick look into how I freshened up my home office- on the low low and in a snap!

By simply adding a sleeve of tulips- picked up during my weekly grocery run- my room was instantly livened up beyond words! I really could have stopped there, but quiting isn’t my style. 

While I do always have silk arrangements scattered throughout my home, nothing compares to fresh buds! Especially in PINK ūüíē  
My simple Spring refresh shopping list also included several gorgeous blush toss pillows, rose gold metal spheres(their described as copper, but I see ros√©) and one oh-so-comfy lightweight summer throw. 

Point is, refreshing for seasons doesn’t have to be expensive- nor complicated! You’ll be amazed at how far a simple pop of color here and there can totally transform the entire feel of a room. 

And here’s where it gets really good „Äį

Not only is this a fun challenge for us as home decor junkies and blog mavens, but LND is letting all of you in on some fun, too! Lauren is graciously gifting one of our lucky readers with a swoon-worthy coral bowl- perfect for adding that pop of Spring color to any home!

Head over to LND’s blog for all the deets on this amazing giveaway! From there, all you need to do is comment on the post to be entered to win. 

  • The giveaway will end Friday, March 11.
  • Value of the coral bowl: $100.00!

Then, hop on over to see what the rest of our friends are doing to breathe fresh, Spring air into their spaces, too!


  • Gallery frames / Hand painted file credenza | see this post
  • Wallpaper | see this post
  • Drapes | see this post
  • Gold Turtle | Target
  • Metal Spheres | Target
  • Pink Sweater Knit Throw | Target
  • Silk Tulips | HomeGoods
  • Fresh Tulips | Harris Teeter
  • Gold Sunburst Mirror | Hobby Lobby
  • Paris books | Zgallerie





One Room Challenge 2015: Week 6: REVEAL!

EEK! ¬†Talk about bringing up feelings of showing up to middle school without your homework! ¬†That’s exactly how I felt come last Thursday when my ORC wasn’t¬†quite ready for revealing. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, I had all of the details lined out and (the main) installations were complete, but I could not get desirable photos with all of the nasty weather we’ve had lately. ¬†Total bummer!

So, without further delay- I present you with my much brighter, and a bit glamourpuss, home office reveal!


I love the brightness that the white board+batten brings to the room, especially since the dark bookcases could have easily darken this space more than I would have like.


These Ikea Ribba¬†frames were a no brainer for their size (appx 20×20) and fantastic price point (they started out at $19.99 each when I started buying, but dropped to $14.99 by the time I purchased the last 5- yasss!)

To keep costs down, when I ordered my prints¬†from Shutterfly, I chose the 11×14 size, instead of the 16×20 that would have actually been the size needed to properly fit the Ribba’s matting. ¬†The price difference was about $7 per print (times 8 photos = enough to purchase several accessories)! ¬†To make up for the gap, I used simple gold cardstock from Michael’s, cut out the centers to give me a 1.25″ border and mounted them to the back of the included mats. ¬†It also added a nice pop of metallic gold so it was a win/win!


I fell in love, first, with this cute acrylic¬†trinket box with a stunning pink agate on top (Hobby Lobby) and would end up carrying the pink and agate theme throughout the room. ¬†What are the odds that Target has a Christmas Collection that includes agate ornaments?! ¬†I snagged two pink ones and simple ornament displays (from Hobby Lobby’s Christmas section and spray painted gold) to hang them from. ¬†And, my office wouldn’t be complete without Paisley Girl’s stash of treats ūüôā

Accessories Collage 1

This 9-drawer filing console was a part of my old furniture collection and started off black. ¬†I did some research on ‘no sanding’ and found several tutorials that recommended priming first with Zinsser Cover Stain. ¬†Two coats of that, followed by two coats of BM Paper White (the lighter shade), BM Harbor Gray for the stripe and gold craft paint for the dip-dyed effect. ¬†I finished it off by applying metallic gold drafter’s tape (found in the drafting aisle of HB) to outline the color blocking- MUCH easier that trying to paint all of those straight lines!


The top pulls are also fro HB and I ordered the 6 ring pulls from Home Depot and covered them with my favorite gold foil spray paint (Krylon Foil Metallic from my Hobby Lobby).

Can we talk about these window trimmings?!  Get all of the deets on the custom made rod and info on the panels here.


Hobby Lobby seemed to be my go-to for so much of the room makeover- I swear they’re not paying me, I just found almost everything I needed in one place. ¬†SCORE! ¬†See the full HB shopping list, as well as the others, at the bottom of this post.


Styling the bookshelves was so much fun! ¬†I can’t believe I found so many agate-inspired pieces, especially this framed one!

Bookcase Collage 1

The storage boxes made for an even mix of pretty and practical.  The grey and ivory fabric covered ones are all Ikea, so super budget friendly, too.


I hope you enjoyed watching this home office makeover as much as I did doing it.  I love my new space and it brings so much cheer to my workdays!


-Source List-

Hobby Lobby:

Gold hanging Sunburst Mirror | Greenery | Bookshelf Artwork (all 4 framed pieces) | Pink Agate Bookends | Gold Pineapple Bookends | Mini Gold Sunburst Mirror | Acrylic/Agate Trinket Box | ‘T ‘Drawer Pulls


Pink Tufted Stool | Gold Turtle Trinket Box | Agate Ornaments


Grey Bookcases | Grey Custom Desk Pieces | Grey and Ivory Fabric Covered Storage Boxes | Ribba Gallery Frames


Silver Leafed ‘O’ Ring Lamp | both White Orchid Arrangements | Tulips | White Quilted Leather Work Chair | Fuschia Nailhead Storage Box | Gold Tower Candleholder | Decorative Gold-lettered File Folders & Stationary


‘Paris’ Storage Books | Seafoam Lotus Tealight Holder


Gold ‘Thumb’ Bowl :: Tiffany&Co


One Room Challenge 2015: Week 5

Hello Week 5!

Things are finally starting to heat up around here as the styling portion of our makeover begins!

This week I hung our custom lucite-inspired acrylic curtain rod and drapery panels.


I have to give credit to¬†Kris (one of my favorite bloggers) over at Driven by Decor for her amazing post on this very same project. ¬†She credits Grace from A Storied Style for her¬†inspiration to tackle this DIY as well providing a great¬†tutorial (found¬†here). Fortunately for those of us that have since followed in¬†Grace’s lucite-loving footsteps, she’s already done¬†the majority of the research on this project¬†for us. ¬†Online, she found Nationwide Plastics– a company that¬†sells acrylic rods for much less than any retail version I’ve been able to find to date. She provides excellent details on the various¬†options for rod types, lengths, and sizes as well as their contact information here¬†(FYI- while¬†you can email them for a quote, they ask that you call in to place the order for credit card security safety).

Based on Grace and Kris’s fantastic recommendations, I too went with¬†a 1 1/2‚Ä≥ cellcast acrylic rod in the longest single run available- 8′ long (NP will cut the rods to any length for you at no additional charge should you need yours shorter. ¬†However, if your window requires a rod longer than 8′, you will simply order two rods cut at 1/2 the needed width each and butt them together at the center bracket as Kris did). ¬†With s/h, my rod ran right about $100- A far cry from those $500-$700 rods trending in all of the magazines!

Also following suit, I ordered the same brass supports (3 of the 1.5‚Ä≥ OD polished brass railing¬†brackets) from¬†(sourced by Kristin of The Hunted Interior) and choose the matching flush endcaps from there, too. ¬†Why try to reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to, right?! ¬†Thanks ladies for all of your fancy leg work!

While I searched high and low for inexpensive brass/gold hardware, I came up empty on finding ones large enough to fit a 1.5″ diameter rod in a price point I was comfortable with. ¬†Eventually I just settled on¬†these¬†simple satin nickel¬†ring clips from Lowe’s and spray painted them with my favorite metallic gold paint (Krylon Foil Metallic from my Hobby Lobby).¬†That particular Krylon spray paint is a dead ringer for the¬†polished brass brackets and matched to a T! ¬†(My favorite matte gold spray paint can be found here).

The super chic striped taffeta panels where a steal from Overstock, but are now out of stock.  However, you can still find them through Wayfair.

One Room Challenge: Week 3

Welcome back for the Week 3 progress update of our Home Office Makeover.  If you missed the first two weeks of my ORC, you can quickly catch up here:  Week 1  |  Week 2!

This week came with very little glitz or glam- matter of fact, NONE.  We assembled our Ikea pieces, glued and screwed them together and set everything up to arrange- no fancy pants pretty stuff going on over here this week.  But, our 2nd largest project was complete, so there’s that…

Early on, I fell in love with the Liatorp Collection from Ikea for it’s lines and (gasp!) beautiful grey color option.  I knew I could use this, coupled with another collection from there, to custom build the perfect workstation I’ve been waiting for since we bought this house.

desk construction 2

Because I wanted to create an ‘L’ workstation with tables, I knew I’d need to come up with a storage plan since I’d be losing all of my drawers.  I purchased 2 of the Liatorp bookcases– to flank each side and style with cute storage boxes.  The bookcase assembly was simple and no alterations were needed.

The desk was the main DIY project.  To create the ‘L’, we used two of the matching Linnmon table tops and legs– 1 of the ‘Small‘ and 1 ‘Large‘.

Here’s the layout plan:

desk construction 3

First, we started by laying everything on the floor and arranging the pieces as they should go, essentially making a ‘T’ with the two table tops.  I had the hubs rip the smaller top, length ways, so that it would match the depth of my bookcases (appx 13.5″ deep).

Since the table tops are virtually hollow (particle board only along the edges and the centers filled with a cardboard honeycomb), we needed to add stability at the seam.


For that added support, he cut a piece of plywood to brace the two tops at that weakest point.  He pre-drilled holes and inserted anchors for additional ‘grab’ through that interior honeycomb.   *The rough edge you notice above won’t be seen as it’s the side that will butt up against the wall = no need for any fancy fixing.

We propped everything up on soda cans (shout out to Sun Drop!), then glued the seam where the two tops intersect.  [I found that the Gorilla Wood glue worked perfectly.]  Once dry, I added a nice layer of glue where the plywood will sit, laid it down and screwed it all together.

desk construction 1

Just to be safe, I allowed the ‘T’ to sit overnight and cure.


The next day, we installed the legs (2 at the front corners of the small top and 2 at the far end of the long, large top) and anchored it to the wall between the bookshelves using L-brackets.


Come back next week for some far more visually appealing photos as I transform our tired, old black filing console into a chic one of a kind piece!


One Room Challenge 2015: Week 2

Welcome back to Week 2 of the ORC!

A lot of boring progress was made since my last post.  You know, the kind of “boring” that comes along with watching paint dry, caulking 4,124,826 inches of seams and hanging NON-PREPASTED wallpaper.  UGH!

This gorgeous agate inspired wallpaper* I spotted at Anthropologie definitely set the tone for the decor flow- and luckily for it, because I will never hang non-prepasted wallpaper again.  EVER.  (Unless it’s so over the top fabulous, then well, maybe).


I chose the ‘neutral’ color option for this room, although the other ‘pink’ option has my design wheels spinning for a space to hang it, too.  They’re both from Candice Olson’s collection (she’s been design hero since the first episode of Divine Design) and even more gorgeous in person!


I hung the paper first, knowing that the far left vertical B&B board would be overlapping.  It was easier this way than having to trim around the board. {work smarter, not harder}- my cute assistant ūüôā


Then the paint and boards where installed on the far wall.  This is the part I hate most about Board & Batten projects- MATH- I despise math!  Fortunately, the husband is a whiz!


I chose to finish out the board edges with small trim, to lessen the ‘craftsman’ vibe (like in our nursery project here) and invoke more of a feminine, custom feel.  It definitely makes a huge difference (notice the change between the 3rd & 4th photos below)!

B&B Collage 1

Once the remaining wallpaper was hung above the Board & Batten, we installed the ‘topper’ board- creating a ledge for leaning frames, etc.  Because I needed it to support a bit of weight, hubs insisted on using several brackets for added stability.

B&B Collage 2

Come back next week to see how we turned basic Ikea office pieces into a custom, built-in work station!  And trust me, this idea has not been done 1,000 times already!  Don’t miss it!

*Note:  I calculated that it would take me 2 single rolls for the one wall (12w x 9h), but in fact it took 3+.  A second order (2 singles) was made in order to finish the last run on that wall plus the short header at the top of the B&B- for a total of 4 single rolls (with a bit left over).

One Room Challenge 2015: Week 1

Holla! ¬†That time of year has finally come around again for the¬†ONE ROOM CHALLENGE‚ĄĘ and I’m so excited to be participating in the linking party!

Linda from Calling it Home has once again put together an awesome group of 20 interior designers, decorators and bloggers with one major goal- transforming 1¬†room in only six short weeks. They will be updating their progress every Wednesday (click over to Linda’s blog if you miss any), and then join the rest of us on¬†Thursdays!¬†ORC-LP-250x183

I’ve been anxiously preparing our next big project to align with the Fall ORC and I’m so happy to share our progress along the way with you. ¬†Choosing which room to makeover was simple. ¬†I couldn’t stand our Home Office in it’s current state even one more day! ¬†Since I work from home, having¬†to spend 8+ hours in this space everyday, by golly, it needs to be gorgeous! ¬†How else am I supposed to get through my work day lol.

Also, since the¬†office is the first room you see from the front door, ¬†I feel ultra compelled to make it just as beautiful as it is functional. ¬†What we started with was just a boring 12×12 empty room, still sporting contractor beige paint and lacking, well, everything! ¬†The only real design element that exists is the french doors- thank goodness for those!




Pardon Our Mess¬†(I was so¬†anxious to get started that I didn’t even stop to¬†take ‘real’ before photos)

Before Collage

I originally outfitted the space with all of black office furniture from our previous home (the Oxford Collection from ¬†And while it couldn’t¬†NOT work in this new space, it truly wasn’t adding much either. ¬†It had to go, along with all of the other miscellaneous items that don’t ‘go’¬†in any other room so they’ve been housed in this¬†makeshift storage room-slash-office (don’t judge me, you know you have one of those rooms, too).

I began¬†my design¬†planning process based around a more functional work station that both my husband and I could use in tandem (we’ve had two separate desks until now and it just doesn’t ‘look’ the best). ¬†Since I do work from home, I definitely need functionality to the max, but since he simply docks his laptop and checks a few emails each evening, he can work with much less fluff. ¬†I’ve tossed around the idea of custom built-ins, but think we can¬†achieve a similar look by altering some off the shelf items. ¬†More on that later.

If you’ve read even a single post from me, it will be no surprise that I chose a color scheme that includes… wait for it… grey! ¬†gasp, I know! ¬†But this time, I’m adding in lots of gold, ivory and (husband willing) pops of fuchsia.OB-Home Office Makeover

I don’t know about you, but this mood board makes me giddy! ¬†I love it all and hope the real thing turns out just as fabulous.

If you want to follow along, here is a run down of what’s to come:

  • Week 1: ¬†Introduction and Design Plans (yay, you’re here!)
  • Week 2: ¬†Painting, Wallpapering and Constructing a Board+Batten Wall
  • Week 3: ¬†Designing and Building a Semi-Custom Workstation
  • Week 4: ¬†Up-cycling Existing Pieces with Paint and new Hardware
  • Week 5: ¬†Custom Window Dressings
  • Week 6: ¬†The BIG REVEAL!


Wish me luck!