Meet Jaime

Hi!  My name is Jaime + I’m addicted to making things {pretty}.
I love to create.  It doesn’t really matter to me what it is- I’m always up for a {pretty} challenge.
I love taking something ordinary + making it extraordinary.


Outside of my Corporate life, my work is highlighted by beautifying both faces and homes.
I specialize in Bridal, Special Event and Photography makeup as well as eDesign and On Site Home Styling.
An odd mix, you say?  No, not really.  Afterall…
I live to make things pretty!

In 2010 I married a wonderful man + we’ve built a beautiful life together- one project at a time.

BS204IMG_4851-209- b&w

Luckily, he allows me to freely create  + destroy whenever I’d like.  He also willingly steps up for big projects- especially the ones that require power tools (ok, he’s probably just being nice + trying to save me a trip to the ER).  But, either way, he’s always a big help!
And…. after years of trying, we finally welcomed our first little miracle in 2013!  I didn’t know I could love like this!

 Now living in the South, I’m tearing apart our latest home and helping others put theirs together!
I started this blog to hoard all of my creative inspirations, my crafts, my home projects + decor.  I’ve found so much inspiration from my fellow bloggers + I hope that I can put some back out into the world.


Come along with me while I make things pretty  |  Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “Meet Jaime

  1. Jaime, I was the lucky one that bought your home . I feel so blessed the moment I opened the door I knew I had to have it. it simply took my breath away u r so talented and beautiful . I will keep it as much like u had it as I can, ty


    • Bless your heart, Miss Dixie! I appreciate your kind words so very, very much!! I hope you and your husband enjoy the Cambridge house just as much as we did. It will always be a special place to me.


  2. the pictures on each side of the fire place, where did u get those and if u r coming in and still want to sell them I would be interested, I would have bought everything u had for sale but chad said mom stop but anyway I simply loved it all, you r so talented I am in awe.


    • Bless you! You are too, too kind.
      Those tinted maps of ny + chicago were from zgallerie. Unfortunately, I don’t believe they carry them any longer. I bought them to match the same colors that are in the large square canvas art that hung above the black console table adjacent to the fireplace. I’ll email you directly 🙂


  3. thank u for getting back to me , what size was the canvas art over the black table ? I thought that if I clicked on that I would see whatu post about decorating , I am not too swift with the computer. I did get your email .


  4. Jaime, thank you so much for the pictures and art. I really appreciate your mom and dad bringing them to kind . keep posting I am amazed at your talent. love this home


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