LipSense Colors 2017

2017 Colors and Glosses*

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  • Silver Glitter  –  Clear with tiny specks of silver glitter.  Pairs great with cool toned colors
  • Pearl   –  Milky pearlescent sheen.  Great for slightly toning down bolder colors, adds an iridescent glow
  • Sand   –  Light beige tint with soft shimmer.  Great over browns, nudes and corals.  Also amazing worn alone.
  • Rose   –  Slight pinky-rose tint
  • Pink Glitter   –  Clear with tiny specks of pink glitter.  Pairs great with all pinks, purples, reds and also Blackberry combos
  • Glossy  –  The original clear gloss.  Pairs with all colors.  Needed for all first time users!
  • Matte   –  Clear matte stained finish.  No shine.  This gloss is the least moisturizing of all so it’s highly recommended to apply Glossy Gloss over your color, wait 20-30mins then apply Matte Gloss.
  • Bougainvillea   –  Slight reddish-pink tint with shimmer.  Great over pinks, purples and reds.  Beautiful gloss to wear alone, as well!
  • Gold Glitter   –  Clear with tiny specks of gold glitter.  Pairs great with warm toned colors
  • Orchid   –  Slight purple-pink tint with iridescent shimmer.  Fabulous over pinks and purples and even nudes!


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