Instagram-Inspired Valentines

How cute are these IG-inspired Valentines Day Cards I whipped up for the little’s school party?!

So, so cute, RIGHT?!  And, I’m sharing the FREE download, too!

Items I used (all from Hobby Lobby):

  1. Glitter Cardstock 12×12 (I chose 3 different colors)
  2. Plain White Cardstock 8.5×11
  3. Polaroid-style DieCuts
  4. Glitter Camera Knick Knacks
  5. Scotch Create Tacky Glue
  6. Glue Dots (permanent, ultra hold kind)
  7. 1.5″ Round Paper Punch
  8. 2.5″ Round Paper Punch
  9. Corner Rounder Paper Punch

Preface:  I wanted to print text onto these tiny little Polaroid-looking DieCuts- mimiking the photo layout everyone recognizes from their IG feed- but knew there was no way they’d survive being fed through a printer without some added weight and surface area.  After a bit of trial and error, I discovered that if I glued them onto study cardstock, then fed them through, they’d come out exactly as I intended!  But then there was the part about making certain that they were positioned perfectly on the CS to ensure the text was printed precisely where it needed to be. (Thus, the multi-step process you see below)…


  • Start by downloading the PDF valentine-cards-instagram-2017-editable-file
  • Print the Guidelines Page.  Insert the plain white cardstock into your printer and print ONLY Page 1 (One!) of the PDF.  This will provide gluing guides for the next step.  I suggest printing only one sheet at a time.


  • Glue your DieCuts onto the Guideline Sheets. Take your printed guide sheets and glue one Polaroid DieCut onto each of the 6 outlined snapshots (Apply glue only to the printed cardstock. Use a light hand to avoid excess glue from smooshing oozing creeping out when you apply the DieCut on top)

  • Let dry completely  (This is very important!  If you try to run the cardstock back through your printer before it’s totally dry, the DieCuts will bend up in the feeder and your printing won’t be aligned properly)
  • Edit the Text Page.  While your DieCuts dry, edit the text on Page 2.  In each of the 12 highlighted fields, type the IG name you’d like to use (or just make one up, like I did)


  • Print the Text.  Feed the cardstock (with glued on DieCuts) back into printer.  Set the printer to print ONLY Page 2 (Two!) this time.
  • Cut them out.  Using a papercutter, or scissors if that’s all you have, cut around the DieCut, removing any excess white cardstock from the perimeter
  • Cut the Glitter Cardstock.  I first cut the 12×12 sheet in half, making 2 6×12 pieces.  Then I cut each piece into to 3.25×6 strips (you’ll have a little over 2″ left over)

  • Glue the Polaroid DieCut onto the Glitter Cardstock (I found that the heavy duty Glue Dots worked way better at adhering to the glitter CS that any glue I tried!).  Position it about 3/8″ from bottom of CS- centered should give you appx 3/8″ on each side, too).
  • Cut a circle.  Using your 1.5″ Round Paper Punch, punch a circle out of the Glitter Cardstock above the Polaroid DieCut
  • Print the Patterned Circles Page onto plain white Cardstock.

  • Punch out the Patterned Circles.  Using a 2.5″ Round Paper Punch, punch circles out of the printed Cardstock and glue them, right side down, onto the back of the Glitter CS where you punched out the smaller circle.

  • Glue the Camera Knick Knack to the center of the circle with a single Glue Dot.
  • Round the top corners using a Corner Punch, if you like.
  • Take a Photo of your little Valentine, print onto photo paper, cut out and glue inside the Polaroid (using photo safe glue, preferably to avoid wrinkling).
  • SHARE!


Happy LOVE Day, ya’ll!







2 thoughts on “Instagram-Inspired Valentines

    • Hi Nicci! I have several different brands (in varying sizes) but a good one to start out with would be Fiskars. They’re available at any craft store and come in a variety of sizes and prices- just depending on what your main usage will be.


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