Print Fancy Envelopes in a Snap!

When you mail as many announcements, invitations and mass holiday greeting cards as I do, you start to dread the inevitable black hole that is envelope addressing (my hands hurt just thinking about it!).


Since I’m a die hard lover of calligraphy and lettering art, I just swoon over the amazing work I see all over IG and Esty and vow to have my next set of mailings look just as fab.  Except… ADD.  I just can’t ever bring myself to finish the damn task.  I’ll get 4 or 5 envelopes in and then BAM!, either my hand cramps up, I spill my ink or I just plain lose interest- often all of the above.  So, over the last few envelope addressing prison sentences projects I’ve had pop up, I’ve developed my own easy way of creating hand-lettered-inspired envelopes without ever picking up a quill!

NOTE- This was created in Microsoft Publisher!  
Unfortunately, I do not have it in any other format to share at this time.

Now, I’m sure there are 1,000 ways of creating an envelope template, but this is how I find it to be the simplest so I thought I’d share with ya’ll.

First, start off by creating your address list in an Excel spreadsheet, making sure to separate the info (name, address 1, city, etc) into individual columns for merging later.


Then, open my Microsoft Publisher file Fancy Printed Envelopes Template.  All of the formatting has been done for you, but feel free to change the font, etc to your liking.  Follow the basic Mail Merge process to add your recipients information (in place of mine) and you’re ready to print!


And last, but not least- Make sure to check out my ‘scotch tape envelope trick’ on Instagram to ensure your envelopes print out straight (and avoid the flap getting caught in the feeder)!  There’s nothing worse than blowing through several envelopes before getting the formatting right- just because your printer is PMS’ing!

You’re welcome 🙂







2 thoughts on “Print Fancy Envelopes in a Snap!

  1. I love the font you choose. Am I missing something with the tape. I saw your IG post but other than seeing the tape on your hand I don’t see its purpose.


    • Thanks so much Patrice. You use the tape to keep the envelope flap down during the printing process. By putting the tape on your hand first, it lessens its stickiness so it won’t tear your envelope when you go to peel it off after printing.


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