FREE Christmas Gifts?!

Woot woot! I have to share my excitement really quick-  I was just doing a little online Christmas shopping over my lunch break and was floored to see that I already have another $124.00 in my Ebates account- and I didn’t do a thing to ‘earn’ it!  Three more girlfriends saw my previous Facebook post about why I finally bit the bullet and signed up (thanks to my friend that proved to me that it really was as good as it sounds).  They joined, too and shopped online and I automatically received $100!


Matter of a fact, almost all of Cashton’s Christmas presents have been entirely paid for with my Ebates money!

Every time I shop online, I make sure to go through my Ebates account so I earn cashback from those shopping trips. Crazy simple, I know- but fo real!  And, anytime a friend jumps on the Ebates bandwagon via your link, you get even more money added to your account. Easy peasy.


Who doesn’t want some extra, ‘free’ moolah to buy gifts with?

If you want to start earning money back for all of those online purchases you’ll be making this holiday season, join me via the link below and make sure to tell your friends and family to sign up so you can earn even more!

Sign Up Here


Happy Shopping My Friends!

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