One Room Challenge 2015: Week 2

Welcome back to Week 2 of the ORC!

A lot of boring progress was made since my last post.  You know, the kind of “boring” that comes along with watching paint dry, caulking 4,124,826 inches of seams and hanging NON-PREPASTED wallpaper.  UGH!

This gorgeous agate inspired wallpaper* I spotted at Anthropologie definitely set the tone for the decor flow- and luckily for it, because I will never hang non-prepasted wallpaper again.  EVER.  (Unless it’s so over the top fabulous, then well, maybe).


I chose the ‘neutral’ color option for this room, although the other ‘pink’ option has my design wheels spinning for a space to hang it, too.  They’re both from Candice Olson’s collection (she’s been design hero since the first episode of Divine Design) and even more gorgeous in person!


I hung the paper first, knowing that the far left vertical B&B board would be overlapping.  It was easier this way than having to trim around the board. {work smarter, not harder}- my cute assistant 🙂


Then the paint and boards where installed on the far wall.  This is the part I hate most about Board & Batten projects- MATH- I despise math!  Fortunately, the husband is a whiz!


I chose to finish out the board edges with small trim, to lessen the ‘craftsman’ vibe (like in our nursery project here) and invoke more of a feminine, custom feel.  It definitely makes a huge difference (notice the change between the 3rd & 4th photos below)!

B&B Collage 1

Once the remaining wallpaper was hung above the Board & Batten, we installed the ‘topper’ board- creating a ledge for leaning frames, etc.  Because I needed it to support a bit of weight, hubs insisted on using several brackets for added stability.

B&B Collage 2

Come back next week to see how we turned basic Ikea office pieces into a custom, built-in work station!  And trust me, this idea has not been done 1,000 times already!  Don’t miss it!

*Note:  I calculated that it would take me 2 single rolls for the one wall (12w x 9h), but in fact it took 3+.  A second order (2 singles) was made in order to finish the last run on that wall plus the short header at the top of the B&B- for a total of 4 single rolls (with a bit left over).

4 thoughts on “One Room Challenge 2015: Week 2

  1. Wow girl you e made a lot of progress! I’ve always wanted to die bead & board but hate math & never have cut wood myself! Lucky you have a math pro & handyman as a husband! Can’t wait to see how this room turns out! Let’s do this!


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