My Stash of Secret Shopping Money

Hey ladies- so let’s be honest for a second- we all hate advertisements, am I right?!  I think we can all agree to that.  Ok, so with that out of the way-

plaid banner


plaid banner

If I haven’t already lost you- YAY!  Keep reading, I promise this post is just to share some of my favorite things…

More than likely, if you and I have anything in common, you probably have a husband that doesn’t quite understand your endless itch to fill online shopping carts.

For me, shopping online actually SAVES us money.

Oh really, and how in the h$!! do you figure that? -in my best husband voice

Because from behind my keyboard, I’m far less likely to make unnecessary impulse purchases (READ: be so mesmerized by gorgeous new packaging at Ulta that I find myself totally forgetting where I last sat down my only half sipped $5 latte, freeing up my hands to caress the latest must-have eyeshadow palette while daydreaming about how it will magically transform my makeup routine into that of the YouTube vlogging goddesses…

Ulta Collage

…Or being stopped dead in my tracks by the latest, perfectly designed end caps at Target with all of their “Mad for Plaid” and faux fur/faux birch/faux taxidermy to-die-for-ness).

Target Collage

If you’re still with me, then you’ll definitely want to hear this.

Two weeks ago, my girlfriend Autumn posted a link on Facebook for eBates- not that I haven’t already heard of them a thousand times- luckily we can fast forward through commercials now, am I right?!  But, what made me take note of it this time was the screenshot she included that showed some $600 odd dollars sitting in her Activity Account, just waiting to be used by her to buy whatever her little shopping heart desires!  Again, I’m totally aware of their ‘Earn Cash for Everyday Purchases’ concept- it’s been ingrained in our minds by now.  But, because I’m so quick to tune out advertisements- especially when they seem to good to be true- I had never given eBates a second thought.  With that said, it’s actually quite surprising to me that I’ve overlooked this online tool.  After all, I’m fully aware of my “collector” personality trait.  Now don’t go confusing that with “coupon-er”- I DO NOT Coupon!  I can’t remember my head most days, more less keep track of paper or even e-coupons, when they’re valid and for what.  What I DO enjoy is watching rewards points, or in this case REAL MONEY, rack up!

ebates logo

So anyways, if you haven’t given eBates a thought before, I encourage you to at least try it.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll find it addicting (and will most likely add ‘go see my updated eBates balance’ to your morning ritual along with checking IG, FB and Pinterest).  I like to think of my growing account balance as my “Momma’s Secret Stash of Shopping Money that Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know About Free Shopping Money Honey Pot”.

And, I’m so glad I wised up before I embark on my Christmas shopping because I would definitely be leaving a lot of money on the table by shopping online like I used to before joining.  Now, I’m earning a little cash each time I shop online, for things I buy anyways- and never have received a single THING in return before!  I haven’t found a retailer yet that I shop on the regular that isn’t associated with eBates.  Matter of fact, I’ve already logged 2 trips to Target for home essentials, 3 trips to Baby Gap for the little and 1 to for the drapes I just order for our Home Office decorating project (see Sneak Peeks of the room reveal every Thursday starting Oct 8th, 2015 here on blog, on my IG, via the One Room Challenge Fall 2015 hashtag and over on!)

So, if you’re not totally over this post yet, you’re the best!!  Use this link to sign up for your own account and start earning some cash already!  And don’t forget to follow our Room Reveal starting next week!

PS- The Lorac Unzipped palette shown above!  I use it almost everyday and it’s one of my go-to’s for Bridal clients!


Fall Home Tour 2015

Happy ‘Official” Fall, Ya’ll!

Even though today is the first official day of Autumn, last week really brought some fall-like weather for us here in the South, and I’m loving it!

I’ve kept my fall decor to a minimum, mainly due to the (still) curious little hands that love to touch everything.  I just know he’d see one of my many ceramic pumpkins and think, “BALL!”- no bueno!  So only a few pumpkins are on display this year, mostly out of toddler reach, but strategically placed to be noticed.

Switching out my light+bright area rug for a dark grey shag that really grounds the room (cost = $0 as I swapped it out from underneath our master bed), has proven to be the most impactful update to the room.

I added a few fur toss pillows to the seating areas- fur is my ALL-TIME fave texture for fall and winter!

Adding pops of aubergine throughout the room has really transformed it from the spring/summer look I had with tulips and layers of Pool Blue, to a much more romantic feeling.

Another of my current favorite is this driftwood log.  I used it all summer to add a nautical feel in our navy blue dining room, but I love it paired with the deep purples, too!

My sweet sidekick, worn out from following me around all day while photographing 🙂

Ms. Anna

Happy 1st Anniversary, Hathaways!

I had the pleasure of beautifying this beyond-gorgeous girl for both her Bridal Portraits as well as on her Big Day!

Anna wanted a soft, traditional bridal look and she wore it perfectly!

photo: Jaime Spencer | AWDL

The über talented Kathryn and Devin over at Anchor & Veil Photography captured both of these wedding milestones, as well as Anna & Andrew’s Engagement session.

Anna Collage 1




I told ya’ll she was gorge!

You can drool over Anna & Andrew’s entire celebration by hopping over to Anchor & Veil!