Our First Family Home…

** UPDATE:  A member of the Gazette staff finally responded to my many emails regarding the misrepresentation of my work.  To ‘be fair’ she altered a paragraph to include my name and the description of me as “a lovely lady who writes about beautiful homes in her blog, awelldressedlife.com.” Ha! Thanks, Maria, but “a nice lady who writes about homes” feels more like a slap in the face than proper credit! Shame on you and shame on YDI for not standing up and making this right for a fellow artist. **

Check it out!  Our first family home, which I’ve blogged about several times was featured again in the Charleston Gazette!  This time, by a Designer that I went to school with (and has her own design boutique in our hometown- so proud!).

Dixie, the sweet lady that purchased the home from us, fell in love with my design and decor the moment she walked through the door.  After negotiations, she asked that I leave everything left as-is and asked to purchase almost all of my furniture, window treatments, rugs, decor, artwork and accessories in it.

living room- Jaime vs Dixie

Then | Now

She recently commissioned the help from Elizabeth Yeager -of Yeager Interiors and Design- to help her fill in the gaps of things I took with us in the move and to accessorize with some of her own items.  Elizabeth did an outstanding job with those little touches and I’m thrilled to have my beloved, favorite home brought to life once more in print!  However…..

WARNING- I’m about to get real here……..

…. As exciting as it is to have my last home featured in print, I was not credited for the design or decor of this home in any way.  While I don’t believe this was done with mal intent, the article was written to that suggested that the new owner decorated the house herself- right down to the mention of my well curated collection of ‘white ceramic pieces’ that I had personally gathered over the years.

“While the space she has created is designed to the hilt with crisp white ceramics, gorgeous exotic florals and some of the latest transitional styles and pieces, it remains a comfortable family space that they can use and be proud of.”

The only mention of there being another person involved is when they briefly stated that she purchased ‘some’ of my things because they simply ‘fit the space’…

“Dixie explained to me that she had just purchased the home from a lovely lady who had the room laid out in a very similar way and had even sold her some of her furniture since it fit the space so well.”

Instead of ‘some’ try ALMOST ALL and in lieu of ‘in a very similar way’, try EXACTLY THE SAME… right down to my simple DIY fall aubergine flower arrangements, on a mirrored tray, on the crocodile coffee table, that was once mine, positioned at the exact same angle in front of the exact same grey Pierre sofa from ZGallerie which sits on the gray shag rug I sold them, too.

purple flowers- Jaime vs Dixie

Photo from the article | Photo I took several years ago

Or, how about the exact replica of the starburst mirror hanging over the bed in the master, along with the same bedside tables, and the duplicate ZGallerie Buhkara throw pillows…

master bedroom- Jaime vs Dixie

Then | Now

Every lamp, rug, table (minus the mirrored nesting tables to the left of the couch), placement of artwork… EVERYTHING was chosen and styled by me.  No other designer had ever stepped foot in this house, nor was involved in any purchasing decisions.

The new owners have a heart of gold- I know this as I’ve had countless conversations with her over the phone and email, explaining exactly where she can buy the items I didn’t sell her and exactly how to position them in the rooms.  She’s thanked me a hundred times for creating such a beautiful space and allowing her to maintain almost every detail- and I so appreciated her kindness.  Even after we moved south, she would ask to buy items that I took with me and I’d send them back up the road anytime we had family going that way.  I truly wanted the Pack’s to love this home and everything in it just as much as we did.

But I can’t help but to feel heartbroken when reading this article- with it’s blatant suggestion that someone else created this beautiful space.  It’s even harder to scroll through the photos to see my old house looking EXACTLY the same as I left it, per their request (only with a few new canvases hung on a wall and the only obviously difference- the dining room furniture) with the photo descriptions eluding to every item being meticulously chosen by someone else.

dining room- Jaime vs Dixie

Then: Photos 1-3 | Now: Photo 4 (bottom right)

I designed this interior space to be a showstopping home; to be a stand out in our small community.  I just hope that the author of this article does the right thing and gives proper credit where it’s clearly due.

You can read more about how my husband and I personally brought this once boring home to new life- all on our own- here, here, and here, as well as through my Instagram.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”– said no creative person EVER

2 thoughts on “Our First Family Home…

  1. Wow. For someone else to take credit for your work is disappointing, but for a journalist to STILL not give you credit after you show proof is mind boggling! It is clear from your photos that the majority of the design decisions and elements were yours. What a shame. On the plus side, you have stellar taste. 😉


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