Simple Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

I can’t think of anything I’ve waited for more, come lately, than the long-overdue-arrival of Spring!  I swear I can hear angels singing!

Come the new year, I start getting the itch to brighten up my home, add pops of cheerful color and tune into the lighter side of what’s coming in nature.  This means ditching the dark, drab and oh-so-over-it muted neutrals I use all winter.

Some of the easiest, and most cost effective ways, to achieve this is by swapping out your throw pillows.

via South Shore Decorating blog

Pillow with a zipper easy tutorial // how to sew a pillow with a zipper

via my girl, Jennifer at Dimples & Tangles

via House of Turquoise

elegant eclectic living room by Cuckoo4Design

via Cuckoo4Design

via View Along the Way

**Check it out- my Pierre Sofa from ZGallerie, above, in GREEN aka Cannes Autumn Mist!  What a showstopper!


DESIGNER’S TIP:  You’ve probably never noticed, but all of my pillows stay the same size and shape- they just change colors and patterns.  I keep my pillow investment low by simply buying new covers.  I reuse the same inserts over and over again!  Plus, being able to fold your off-season covers and store them neatly in a closet is way easier than trying to stash a bunch of cumbersome pillows. 


Another easy and inexpensive room brightener can be quickly put together by updating your ottoman/coffee table display!  I love to use trays (I HEART a great serving tray!) to display knickknacks and floral arrangements both on my tables and cocktail ottomans.


Coffee Table Styling LET US INSPIRE YOU ~ DREAM, CONCIEVE, CREATE YOUR DREAM HOME. the ultimate rural residential land release in North Queensland. Follow us on Facebook ♥

via Handmade Mood

Coffee Table Luxe Addition

via LuxeAddition

Spring-Inspired Coffee Table

via The Style Rebels

via Hunted Interior

Fall coffee table styling Blogger Stylin’ Home Tours | Fall Home Tour

via Bliss At Home

@Danielle Lampert Moss Chicago Home Tour // living room // side table // Parker & Rain lucite tray // fresh slowers //  photography by Stoffer Photography

via GirlTru

And don’t restrict your pillow love to your sofa and side chairs.  Swap out toss pillows on your bed for a fun, cheerful update, too!

via Hunted Interior

luv the fluff and pop of purple


via my gal pal, Bethany at Dwellings By Devore

via Lilikoi Joy

via Classy Clutter

via Cuckoo4Design

via Simple Details

Happy Spring, ya’ll!  Let’s get {color} poppin’!

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