Duke University Tree Base- DIY

Ok, so I’m apparently on a tree-base-making-binge… just roll with me- K?!

After finishing the urn base for our living room tree, and LOVING it! I decided to crank it up a notch and create one for the Duke tree we surprised hubby’s Uncle with.  This one was so much fun to make!

I purchased an outdoor planter from atHome for $59- EEK!  (Lesson learned- plan ahead and get them while they’re on sale in the Fall).

Duke University Tree

After wiping it down, I covered it in 2 good coats of white primer, followed by 3 coats of white satin spray paint (I always apply way more layers than I probably need to, but I like a rich finish).

Duke University Tree


My original plan was to mask off the interior boxes, that I wanted to leave white, while I spray painted the remaining surface royal blue.  However, I found that I was just too impatient for all of that.  So, I ended up painting the whole thing metallic blue and improvised from there. Rustoleum’s Metallic paint collection leaves a gorgeous finish in person!!

Duke University Tree

I, instead, masked off the blue area later with wax paper and painter’s tape and sprayed the interior boxes white.

Duke University Tree


Once everything dried overnight, I applied the decals that I found at a local sports memorabilia store.

Duke University Tree

I finished it off by outlining the edges of the planter with a silver metallic Sharpie and filled them in with matching acrylic paint.

Duke University Tree


What sports team would you deck your tree out in?!

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