Upcycled Christmas Tree- DIY Urn Base

imageTo further the remix of our old, tired Christmas tree, and because I had to adjust its height anyways, I decided to dress up the base.

I love the look of trees with alternative bases such as urns and pots!  I’ve pinned several inspo photos over the years and referenced them in this project.

via Nell Hill's

via Nell Hill’s

via The Yellow CapeCod

via The Yellow CapeCod

Since our new ceilings are a full 2 feet shorter that in our last home (that’s a whole other topic I’ll touch on later), I either had to shorten our existing 9ft tree… or buy a new one.  Obviously, from my DIY Flocking post earlier, ya’ll know I chose the first option.  I asked the hubby to cut the 9 foot tree down to 7 1/2. It was a fairly easy fix with just the simple purchase of a metal saw blade. It took him no time to cut through the hollow metal rod that runs up the center of the tree!

Then, I grabbed an outdoor urn that I already had (just sitting in our garage begging to be used for something, anything!), and spray-painted it a beautiful brushed nickel.  I followed up later with a topcoat of white pearl- both by Rustoleum and purchased from Lowes.

I purchased a run of PVC pipe and I For the bottom and a 50 pound bag of Quick Crete. I lined the bottom of the urn with plastic, placed the PVC in the middle and poured the Quick Crete around it (keeping the pipe leveled and centered the whole time). The 50 pounds of concrete will aid in creating a sturdy base for the tree and to give us a channel to slide the interior tree rod into for stability.


I allowed the concrete to dry and set up for several hours- just to be on the safe side- then I brought it inside and positioned it in our room.  I sat the tree rod into the PVC and started adding the branches.


*If your tree will be sitting on carpet like ours does, you may need to use shims to level it.  Because the front of my tree is always heavier than the back, mine leans forward a bit.  I just placed 3 shims under the front edge of the base and it did the trick!

As a tip- for unlit trees- I find it easier to add lights in small sections.  I start at the bottom of the tree and insert two rows of branches at a time.  I wrap two different types of bulbs around each branch and work my way up- two rows at a time.  (I use larger bulbs on the interior portion and smaller, LED mini lights along the outside of the branches for added dimension).



Viola!  The easiest concrete project I’ve tackled so far!  What unique alternative tree bases are you planning for your holiday display this year?

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