Upcycled Christmas Tree- DIY Flocking

I have always loved the look of a snowy white flocked tree!flocked-hunter

I’ve been fighting back the urge to replace our 9 foot, basic, Fraser fir with a beautiful flocked Alpine for the last few years- the huge investment just always got in the way.


a truly terrible photo (but the only one I could dig up) of how dark and basic the tree was originally (circa 2010-ish)

With this being the first year in our new home, I had to make a decision because our ceilings in this house are 3 feet shorter than our last. So, I had to decide if I was going to make the investment, or work with what I had.
*Side note: Because of a side project I’m working on this year that required me to purchase a new tree and a full load of decor, I decided to wait until next year to invest in my own dream tree.

The more I scrolled through Pinterest and Instagram, the more I was dying for that beautiful white tree!
This is where the craftiness begins. I decided to ask the hubby to shorten the 9 foot tree down to 7 1/2. It was a fairly easy fix with just the simple purchase of a metal saw blade. Took him no time! Read about that process here!

To update the overall look of the tree, I applied Snow White glittered flock to every branch as well as the center rod. I searched high and low for professional grade flocking and found, by far, the best deal (and free shipping!!) from a retailer on eBay (Aquatic Reflection). I chose the 5lb bag and I had just enough to give the 7 1/2 foot tree a heavy coating.

bondingflockI started by covering my work space with a plastic drop cloth- our garage was the best area to work in.  I laid out all of the branches, right side up.  I worked on 3 or 4 branches at a time.  With a basic water bottle, I misted the areas I wanted to be flocked.  Immediately after, I sprinkled a handful of flock over the misted area.


I continued this process until I liked the heaviness (um, yeah…) of the flock.  I went over each branch appx twice.  Then, because I wanted a ‘whiter’ tree, I flipped the branches over (once they were dry) and flocked the underneath edges of each.

For appx $50, I upcycled a 7 year old basic tree into an updated, snow covered beauty! Compared to the $600-900 trees that I’ve been drooling over online, I’d say I came pretty close… and saved a car payment in the process!


Stay tuned for the real fun… Decorating!

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