Spare Master Styling

I have to admit- our second floor has been a little neglected. I’ve been concentrating so much on getting the first floor in order, I’ve honestly just ignored the other two floors of our new home. Shame on me, really.
Our second master suite definitely sees some traffic. Between my parents, his parents & our slew of out of town friends, it stays pretty booked.
I finally got around to dressing it up a bit- though it’s far from complete. Until I find time to start the paint & wall treatments, it’s current state will have to do.

Bedding:: Cynthia Rowley from HomeGoods


Crystal Lamps:: HomeGoods
Florals, wall art, mirrored tray:: HomeGoods
New York/Paris Books:: ZGallerie
Teal picture frames:: ZGallerie



One thought on “Spare Master Styling

  1. well you have done awesome again . it is beautiful; I bought the same lamps, can u send me pictures of your living room? thanks for posting. thanks Dixie


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