Incorporating Grey + Greige

Gray is so hot right now. Everyone wants it in their interiors.
It’s been called the new brown + the new black, but I think it’s even better! It’s neutral + it’s timeless.
I chose to break free of the browns + tans about five years ago when we bought our last house in our home state. I wanted something brand new- something out of the box. I chose grey.

*I have to disclose, though, that I went ALL in on this idea. We sold every piece of furniture from our last home, along with anything that had even a hint of brown in it. Seriously! I started from scratch- buying all new grey furniture pieces + decor.
Now, I’m not suggesting you sell off all of your existing items + start over. Matter of fact, I’m telling you NOT to!

But how do you go grey after being tan or beige for all these years?
How do you take your warm colored house that has brown or gold in it and introduce the shades of grey?

Well, there is such a thing as a warm grey, so don’t dismiss this neutral as always being cold.
And, you’ll know, as soon as you hold up most swatches of light grey to a beige item, if it’s No Bueno! Most light greys rarely compliment beige- because they tend to tilt on the cool, silver-y side.
The easiest way of making grey coordinate well with the yellow undertones in tan (or beige) is by choosing a Dark Grey! D.A.R.K GREY.


How have you incorporated grey into your existing decor?

Some of my favorite warm, dark greys:
BM Galveston Gray AC-27
BM Winter Gates AC-30
BM Bear Creek

And some lighter greys/greiges:
BM Stonington Gray HC-170
BM Revere Pewter HC-172
BM Smoke Embers AC-28

Craft Room Crush

After finally weeding through the remnants of our move that have been shoved aside to our 3rd floor bedroom, I can at last see my crafty little room coming together.
I love looking through photos of great work spaces- something about the blending of amazing organization schemes + fabulous decor just gets my juices flowing!
Here are just a few of my favorite craft room crushes…











Spare Master Styling

I have to admit- our second floor has been a little neglected. I’ve been concentrating so much on getting the first floor in order, I’ve honestly just ignored the other two floors of our new home. Shame on me, really.
Our second master suite definitely sees some traffic. Between my parents, his parents & our slew of out of town friends, it stays pretty booked.
I finally got around to dressing it up a bit- though it’s far from complete. Until I find time to start the paint & wall treatments, it’s current state will have to do.

Bedding:: Cynthia Rowley from HomeGoods


Crystal Lamps:: HomeGoods
Florals, wall art, mirrored tray:: HomeGoods
New York/Paris Books:: ZGallerie
Teal picture frames:: ZGallerie



Pin of the Week

ZGallerie made my day, once again!
Seeing as they are my all- time favorite decor retailer, I was beyond thrilled to be highlighted on their Instagram page for the THIRD time (+ yes, I’m unapologetically tooting a very large horn)!


Happy Friday, ya’ll!