Kitchen Table GlamOver

In my transition from Hollywood Regency to Rustic Glam, I wanted a bleached hardy wood pedestal table for our eat in kitchen. I chose the inexpensive Blanca from World Market (so when our toddler destroys it over time, my heart won’t be quite as broken!)

While I love the design + even the color, I was hesitant to let it replace my high gloss, glass top luxe one- that I still totally adore.
I decided to take what I loved about the table’s design + add the touch of glam that I felt it was missing- for my home, anyways.

In walks Martha!

A coat of her Precious Metals in Bone + this table would be worthy of even the fanciest candlelit mac’n cheese dinners!

From start to finish, the whole project took under an hour. Simply brush on with a fine bristle brush- working it into the grain, + rub over with a soft, color fast, DRY rag. Make sure to work in small areas, as once it gets tacky, the rag will leave swipe marks. Let dry for a few hours + voila!

It added a subtle, iridescent lustre to the otherwise dull wood. When the sun shines in from the patio doors, it shines!


What ‘glamovers’ have you made?!

6 thoughts on “Kitchen Table GlamOver

  1. So curious if you’ve experienced the chipping and gouging that is often reported on the reviews. I’m purchasing this for my new home and wondering if I’ll need to apply a sealer to it. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.


    • Hi Natasha-
      Surprisingly, I haven’t experienced any chipping of the metallic wash I applied and I did not finish with a top coat of any type. And considering how much I scrub down the side my toddler sits on, I thought for sure I would by now. Pretty impressive IMO 😉


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