Paneled Wall Tutorial

Because the walls were already painted gray and the furniture I chose was gray as well, I needed to do something to the wall behind the crib to make it stand out.

We chose to keep it neutral by painting it white, but added trim pieces to add interest.



To start, draw your idea out on paper.  You will refer back to this countless times throughout the project!

Since the trim pieces didn’t come long enough to stretch the length of our wall, we had to piece them together.  If you find yourself in the same situation, make sure you miter these ends for cleaner seems.

put your plan on paper first!

put your plan on paper first!

Tip:  It’s always a good idea to let your wood warm up to your room temperature for a day or two to avoid warping and shrinking.

White Wall 1

Cut your trim to the lengths needed.

Paint your background wall the color that you choose as well as the boards before you begin hanging them (including the ends of the boards).

Start at the bottom of the wall and work your way up so that the boards have something to support their weight as you work.

Run a bead of liquid nails on each trim piece and place on wall.  Make sure you check each with a level as you go, then hit each of them with your nail gun at the stud points for added security.

White Wall 3

Once you have all of the boards attached, go back and caulk the seems so they blend in the background wall.  This really gives it a finished look versus seeing the dark lines around each trim piece.

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