Window Panel Trim Tutorial

Adding a custom touch to any store bought window panels is as easy as heading to your local craft store.  I couldn’t find drapes that coordinated well enough with my nursery bedding.  I wanted navy panels but felt that I needed to tie in some white to make them pop.  And, since I couldn’t find them anywhere, I decided to make them.



I ordered 84″ grommet top panels from JCPenney and purchased two bolts of 1.5″ wide trim from JoAnn Fabric.


Simply cut the trim the length and width of each panel.  (You’ll have 4 separate pieces per panel.)



Cut each corner at an angle so they’ll be ‘mitered’ – a much cleaner look than butting them straight on.


photo 5


Using Fabric Glue, adhere each strip separately and secure with straight pins until dry.

To achieve a balloon effect as I did, slip a rubber band onto the end of each panel and shimmy it up to the desired height.  Blouse the top layer of fabric to cover the band.  Tap a small finishing nail in the wall at the edge of the window casings, driving them in at an agle.  Loop the rubber bands over the nails to hang.


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