About Jaime


I live to make things pretty | Pretty homes, pretty social events, pretty handmade items…  I can’t resist.  This is my story.  A story of how I continually strive to create…

a well dressed life.

When I’m not decorating, crafting or blogging, I’m busy being a sales professional and a full-time wife and mommy. Here you’ll find my own projects and ones that inspire me to keep creating.


2 thoughts on “About Jaime

  1. Hi, want to stop by , to Let you know that you have a gorgeous home , love everything about it. Nice, i just wanted you to know did you use that same color gray in your baby room , and the living room. Love it all well done 🙂


    • Thank you so much! While we used grey in every room, we went with a slightly lighter shade in the nursery (& other spare bedrooms) than what we used in the great room.
      The dark color is Creek Bend and the lighter is Sparrow- both by Behr


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